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Make sure YOU are prepared for this

f you are attending First Steps to Success this weekend there are two very important announcements that you do not want to miss. First announcement is about making sure you are positions to get the most out of First Steps to Success this weekend. If you want to do everything you can to become the next Coastal Travel success story then make sure you are listening in to the First Steps Prep call tonight at 10 pm Eastern time with Mr. Stacy O’Quinn. The call in number is 206-402-0100 pin:607556#

Also the attendees for this event have had the privilege of being invited to a strategic dinner meeting with Mr. Jackie O’Quinn and Mr. Stacy O’Quinn. All you have to do is submit the names of your team members who are attending First Steps to Success. The person with the most attendees going to the event will be invited to a business strategy meeting over dinner. To be considered for this rare opportunity send an email with the names of your team members who are attending First  Steps to Success this weekend.

If you have already registered for the event this weekend then make certain you have submitted your name to so your leadership knows you will be in attendance. Of course don’t miss the First Steps Prep call this evening at 10 pm with Mr. Stacy O’Quinn.

To your success,
DFI Support Team


Coastal Travel, The Passive Income

Tonight on the New Associate Training call Mr. Jackie O’Quinn will be discussing the leverage of a Coastal Travel business. You are not going to want to miss this! If you have ever dreamed of a passive income of thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars in income on a given month.

How do you achieve that? Don’t miss the New Associate call tonight at 10 pm Eastern Time.

To your success,
DFI Support Team

P.S. If you haven’t given your feedback on the DFI Survey make sure to do that now and be heard >>

Look at what others have to say…

It’s not hard to see which leaders are leading the most successful teams in DFI. All you have to do is look at how many of their team members are graduates of First Steps to Success.

This is what Dianne from ON (Dianne McGuigan) said:

"I attended FSTS right away in the beginning and launched my business coming out of FSTS. I used strategies I learned from Dani with our system. I was able to make 3 Platinum Sales in 30 days of FSTS!!"

This is what Jenny in CO (Jenny Copeland) said:

(before First Steps).. "I wasn’t 100% committed.  I hadn’t even purchased a package.  I was struggling in the same debt without a way out.  My husband was working 60 to 90 hours a week and we never saw each other."

(after First Steps) … "I made the decision to get started and purchased my package.  I stuck with it and have made this a career.  Now I’m on track to make 6 figures and that never work have happened working for someone else. We’ve paid off the debt we were in.  My husband now works 40 hours a week and we have our relationship back. I saw my training sales upgrade to Platinum.  I made several changes in my work ethic and became more productive.  I was selling travel packages and making a profit.  I’ve been grooming my kids to be successful."

Stacy, First Steps to Success in selling out! Get registered right away and join your team in Long Beach >>

If you are attending First Steps to Success in Long Beach CA and you have not already sent an email to please go ahead and do that now.

When you go to this First Steps to Success you will meet the following leaders and team members.

1. Lorna Kilburn
2. Renee Triesler
3. Will Triesler
4. Perla Vasquez
5. Jackie O’Quinn
6. Carolina Gomez
7. Shane Houston
8. Anthony Snaith
9. Antony Ngere
10. Michelle Mast
11. Kimberly Lumsden
12. Stacy O’Quinn
13. Mary Smith/McKenzie
14. Gary Mach
15. Jane Mach
16. Belinda Pierce
17. Get registered before the event sales out >> then send an email right away to

New members often ask will Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success really help my Coastal Travel business. If you have went to First Steps in the past, and you want to be featured in an upcoming email. Complete this short 9 questions survey?

Help to inspire others take this short survey >>

To your success,
DFI Support Team

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