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Major DFI Call Schedule Change

In light of the Prospecting and Closing classes the Live Interactive Calls for this Wednesday and Thursday have to be rescheduled to 6 pm Eastern Time. Take a look at the call schedule in your back office.

DFI members have a reputation of being some of the most successful home business owners in the industry. This is in part due to the uniquely position of the Coastal Travel packages. It’s also due to the caliber of people that are attracted to DFI. Exceptional individuals who don’t just say they want to change their lives. They just go for it. DFI members by and large don’t make excuses for themselves they focus on getting results.

DFI members under stand they need professional training in order to increase their income without increasing their work hours. Training is so popular among this organization it’s estimated that somewhere between 25% to 50% of Dani Johnson’s Prospect and Closing classes taking place this week are filled with DFI members.

DFI members are the real thing!

In light of the Prospecting and Closing classes the Live Interactive Call for Wednesday and Thursday has to be rescheduled to 6 pm Eastern Time. Take a look at the call schedule in your back office.

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Have you sent your email yet?

If your goal is only to make an extra $500 to $1000 per month with Coastal then this may not be for you. If you are looking to make a serious income… then you have to learn the common denominator of success. If you want to see the common denominator that every single $100,000/year DFI Coastal Director has used?

See the common denominator >> http://www.danijohnson.com/see/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

These Directors are going to utilize this common denominator are you?

1. Jenny Copeland
2. Gene Copeland
3. Alexander Uran
4. Vincent Magomedov​
5. Karen Cormier
6. Steve Shepherd
7. Merry Lynn Shepherd
8. Kara Shepherd
9. Andrea DeRego
10. Dianne McGuigan
11. Shane Houston
12. Candice Thompson
13. Rebecca Rizuto
14. Lilly Kremer – O’Brien
15. Terrence O’Brien
16. Jackie O’Quinn
17. Kimberly Bixby
18. Kimberlyn Bixby
19. Trish Roberts
20. Angela Lasher
21. Stacy O’Quinn
22. Mintra Lewis
23. Gary Mach
24. Jane Mach
25. Sarah Wolfe
26. Joanie Snaith
27. Anthony Snaith
28. Kaleb Snaith
29. Laia Snaith
30. Michelle  Eisen
31. Barbara Everhart
32. Hughena Duggan
33. Rick Kutil
34. Annie Koonapareddy
35. Niri Niranjan
36. Lamar Davidson
37. Xiomara Garcia

Once you get registered for First Steps to Success send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com so your name can be added to this grow list of leaders.

mydfilive.com Support Team

Shawn Scheppele, Hero of the Month

“I can honestly say I love this company and what they do for their people!” ~ Shawn Sheppele

clip image002 thumb Shawn Scheppele, Hero of the Month

Congratulations to Shawn Scheppele for being chosen as the DFI Hero of the Month!!

Before becoming an independent business owner, Shawn worked in corporate America for Tony Robins. He started at the bottom and was quickly promoted to developing three divisions of the company and increasing on-the-road sales from $68,000 to over $200,000. Despite enjoying his work and excelling in his career, he became dissatisfied with building a successful company for someone else.

With the desire for freedom and control of his time, income, and destiny, Shawn attended First Steps to Success with Dani Johnson, which laid a foundation for him to achieve his dreams. In his first three years with Coastal Travel, he never missed an event, and still regularly plugs into training. While there have been tough times in his business, he never quit, never gave up, and the fruit of his perseverance resulted in $39,000 in just 12 days! One day, he made two platinum sales in a single day, generating profits of $19,410! We call this a “Truck Day” because that is enough cash to buy a truck!

clip image004 thumb Shawn Scheppele, Hero of the Monthclip image006 thumb Shawn Scheppele, Hero of the MonthWithout BIG goals, you will never really accomplish anything; and Shawn has a number of goals, both in business as well as in his personal life. His current #1 business goal is a sale a day! A quarter of a million dollars in 2015, a summer dream vacation at Disney World using his Coastal Package, selecting the right college for his son, increased investments in real estate and silver, giving even more to Kings Ransom projects and to his church, and doing some special things for his wife, (Not telling what! Don’t want to spoil it. She may read this.) … these represent just a few of the goals totally within reach for this month’s DFI’s Director of the Month, Shawn Scheppele. With a 10 year track record, Shawn’s consistent work ethic has created a strong foundation for achieving not only these goals but more besides. “The keys to reaching these goals, ie. what’s it going to take to get these done, is, among other things, faith, determination, focus, strategy and that 4 letter word (work)! His vision is to continue to provide people with “a place to succeed,” says Shawn.

Beyond the personal and business goals, Shawn’s ultimate goal is to continue to grow in Christ. He said, “The Lord is why this article is being written, not me. On my knees is how I start and finish each day. PERIOD!” Unlike many successful businessmen, Shawn believes God gave him an assignment to help other people personally, professionally and financially. Striving to create a safe place for success, he offers keys to an opportunity in which he comes alongside his team members, coaching them through a simple process. He follows and teaches a duplicable presentation system: “It’s all about the presentations – that’s what makes money. The system is to support and encourage and provides strategy. Presentations must be skilled, on purpose, laser focused, and often repeated.” His deepest desire is to “set the captives free” through encouragement and inspiration.

clip image009 thumb Shawn Scheppele, Hero of the Month“I have a business today, because of what I’ve learned from Dani Johnson. Plain and simple. When people are trained well, they do well. And the company makes sure everyone gets trained by giving them access to Dani Johnson– that’s why so many people have success. I’m grateful the company cares about their people enough for them to get the training they need to be successful. It works!” ~ Shawn Scheppele

On behalf of everyone in DFI, thank you, Shawn, for all that you do and the leader you are in our company and the example you set of how it’s done!!!


The next First Steps to Success will be in Orlando, FL May 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.

Make sure you are there if you want to be considered for the next Hero of the Month and to meet other Heroes in DFI.