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Dial A Thon, Special Sent From Prime Media

prime%202 Dial A Thon, Special Sent From Prime Media

dialathon%203 Dial A Thon, Special Sent From Prime Media

Take advantage of this advertising special on these high converting business builder leads:

  • Results - DFI members continue to get great conversions
  • Qualified - prospects have expressed an interest in a home-based business
  • Control - you control Real Time delivery – Pause/ unPause to meet your schedule
  • Time Saving - each prospect transferred directly into your MyDFILive system
  • Quality - 100% replacement guarantee for Invalid Leads
  • Support - Excellent “live” customer service

GET Up To 30% More Leads on the purchase of Real Time Nationwide recruiting lead package!

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(or select “Buy Leads” in the Marketing tab of your MYDFILive system)

Use Promotional Code: JULYDIAL

Offer good to Thursday, July 24th (midnight, EST)
We look forward to working with you and providing you the results and service you deserve. If you have any questions, or require assistance please call us at 1-888-455-3237 ext 2 - M-F 8 AM – 4:30 PM MST AZ

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What Happens Next is Crazy

Our team is coming together to not only work together in a way that is going to be extremely fun, powerful and strategic.  But we are going to have a massive impact and we cat to do it together as a team.  How many people get the specific how to’s?  How often in the corporate world do people actually come together like this, real team work!

Make sure you got your set up.  It all starts Tuesday-Thursday Evening.  History will be made, and you probably don’t want to hear history told as a story later and not be a part of it now. 

You can get all the details right  here on this training call. LISTEN NOW

How many people actually can say they have a real impact?  We not only can impact people in their homes across the world, but as a team we can build an income to pay off debt, travel to other parts of the world and build orphanages.  You and I get to determine our impact!

This week a select few will choose to rise up against any obstacle and reach out to make a difference for the rest of the world to see.  It’s an honor to be in business with you!

To Your Success,
DFI Support Team

Can you Feel the Ground Swell?

Did you hear what happened on the 6 figure call last night?

Talk about training that was jam packed!  It didn’t just jump from content to content as most of DFI Training calls do.  But it jumped from contest to event to event to contest.. literally.  With golden nuggets of wisdom sprinkled through out.  Hopefully you got all the details and were able to set up your DFI virtual office at

We will be using it next week measuring the impact our team has as a whole.  No one should be left out of this crazy event coming up next Tuesday, Wed. and Thursday.  Then the chance to not only touch people’s lives and help them build memories but also the chance to rub shoulders with a couple of gentleman in a small group setting eating dinner.  Men who have earned and helped others earn millions via their wisdom.

“WHAT IN PERSON, HUH? WHO?”  I hope that’s not what you are thinking you need to listen to the entire call if you are.  It’s crazy what is happening, the results are going do be incredible.  Those people that are in on this are going to see the most results.  Incomes will dramatically increase, debts will decrease and people will be changed forever because of what you may do.

I say “may do” because it’s up to you to listen and take action.  If you missed it here is the 6 Figure Call, but make sure you have a pen and paper this one is PACKED.


Make sure you pass this on to your team.  Don’t let them miss out on an opportunity like this.

To Your Success,
DFI Support Team

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