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Here is How Mrs De Rego Became Hero of the Month

Mrs. Andrea De Rego is our Hero of The Month.  Mrs. De Rego, attended First Steps to Success when she was very brand new with Coastal now she is our Hero of The Month. If you want to have success QUICKLY then keep reading this email.

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1. Douglas Lucero
2. Stacy O’Quinn
3. Christina Moyer
4. Troy Moyer
5. Jackie O’Quinn
6. Carmen O’Quinn
7. Bruce Dunn
8. Sarah Dunn
9. Tiffany Haas
10. Jasmin Lucero
11. Dorothy Graham
12. Dianne Mc Guigan
13. Shane Houston
14. Danielle Houston
15. Nicole Houston
16. Amy Ostropolec
17. Matt Ostropolec
18. Patti Reiersgaard
19. Angela Lasher
20. Lily Secada
21. Brenda LaDow
22. Gustavo Garzon
23. Marina Gabunia
24. Judy Donald
25. Kara Shepherd
26. Steve Shepherd
27. Mary Lynn Shepherd
28. Robyn De Brouwer
29. Belinda Peirce
30. Amira Olive
31. Nico Eymard
32. Nancy Wall
33. Christine Scott
34. Donna Baerg
35. Gary Mach
36. Jane Mach
37. David DeRego
38. Andrea DeRego

To your success,
mydfilive.com Support Team

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