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These are people are on track to succeed.

If your goal is only to make an extra $500 to $1000 per month with Coastal then this may not be for you. If you are looking to make a serious income… then you have to learn the common denominator of success. If you want to see the common denominator that every single $100,000/year DFI Coastal Director has used?

See the common denominator >> http://www.danijohnson.com/see/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

These Directors are going to utilize this common denominator are you?

1. Jenny Copeland
2. Gene Copeland
3. Alexander Uran
4. Vincent Magomedov​
5. Karen Cormier
6. Steve Shepherd
7. Merry Lynn Shepherd
8. Kara Shepherd
9. Andrea DeRego
10. Dianne McGuigan
11. Shane Houston
12. Candice Thompson
13. Rebecca Rizuto
14. Lilly Kremer – O’Brien
15. Terrence O’Brien
16. Jackie O’Quinn
17. Kimberly Bixby
18. Kimberlyn Bixby
19. Trish Roberts
20. Angela Lasher
21. Stacy O’Quinn
22. Mintra Lewis
23. Gary Mach
24. Jane Mach
25. Sarah Wolfe
26. Joanie Snaith
27. Anthony Snaith
28. Kaleb Snaith
29. Laia Snaith
30. Michelle  Eisen

Once you get registered for First Steps to Success send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com so your name can be added to this grow list of leaders.

mydfilive.com Support Team


Urgent: Read Now!

OH MY!!!

You could not have had this opportunity in the last 5 years.  Dani Johnson is doing her Prospecting and Closing classes again.  This is insane, imagine working in a small group environment one on one with Dani Johnson.  Where she helps you directly and specifically increase your prospecting and closing skills.

Many of this biggest stories and results came from when Dani did these classes in the past.  The best part is these skills apply to more than just your home business but even a job.

Here is the dilemma as of this weekend from what was said on stage there were only about 80 slots left and an email just went out that could fill these classes up.  HURRY UP and get registered for this training before it’s totally full.  Do to the small nature of the training they’ve limited the amount of people that can be in the training.

Click on the link below and get all of the details.  Read the entire page and watch the video to fully understand what  this training is about.


Let’s Succeed,

DFI Support Team

Secrets of the most successful!

Did you see the leaderboard for the month of January? If not here is a copy of it.

1 Shawn Scheppele 11
2 Dianne Mc Guigan 8
3 Stacy O’Quinn 4
4 Angela Lasher 3
5 Heather LeFoll 3
6 Tara Hayes 3
7 Georgiann Tenczar 3
8 Tim West  3

The leaderboard is in your back office and updated in real time after the 8th of every month.  To see your name on the leaderboard you have to bring on 3 new team members into DFI. Your Director can show you exactly where to find it. Some of the most successful Directors in DFI make it to the leader each month.

The Directors listed above from last month all have a secret to bringing on 3 or more brand new team members in a month.

Want to know what it is?

Every single Director who made it on the Leaderboard last month graduated First Steps to Success early in their business. That is an overwhelming common denominator among some of the most successful members in DFI.

It’s time for you to start living the life that you have always wanted. In order to do that you have to get the world’s best home business training at First Steps to Success. That event is coming up and time is running out. Her next event may be in Australia or the UK. Don’t delay your success any longer.

Get registered right away >> http://www.danijohnson.com/see/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

Once you get registered for First Steps to Success make sure to send in your name to DFIFeedback@gmail.com and get your name added to the list below.

1. Merry Lynn Shephard
2. Karen Cormier
3. Lamar Davidson
4. Jenny Copeland
5. Sheryl Hunter
6. Lavern Coley
7. Thomas Theis
8. Gary Mach
9. Jane Mach
10. Stacy O’Quinn
11. Jackie O’Quinn
12. Dawn O’Quinn
13. Heather LeFoll
14. Dianne McGuigan
15. Christina Moyer
16. Trish Roberts
17. Renee Triesler
18. Andrea DeRego
19. Joanie Snaith
20. Toni Cloud
21. Candice Thompson
22. Rebecca Neudorf
23. Shirley Linn
24. Shane Houston
25. Xiomara Garcia
26. Mariel Torres
27. Cristina Scott
28. Hilary Snyder
29. Michelle Mast
30. Anthony Snaith
31. Michael Titus
32. Lara Miller
33. Brian Burke
34. Kimberly Bixby
35. Crystal Whitebear
36. Sheryl Hunter
37. Michael Titus
38. Angela Banks
39. Mintra Lewis
40. Felix Garcia
41 Harold Richardson
42. Tyler Enzlin
43. Jenny Enzlin
44. Jill Carey
45. Andrew Olive

Names in Bold are DFI call hosts that will be in attendance.

Get registered right away and send an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com to let your leadership team know you will be in attendance.

mydfilive.com support team

P.S. Don’t forget tonight’s product training is at 10 pm Eastern time on the conference number 206-402-0100 pin:607556#