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Super Saturday Trainng

Who said there are no such things as short cuts in life?

It’s NOT true, there are massive shortcuts in all of our lives. I will give you proof. This morning did you eat breakfast? If you did you could have had eggs and bacon. Did you gather the eggs from the chicken to make your breakfast? How about the bacon did you raise a pig to put bacon on your plate?

I’m guessing the answer is "no". You see you took a short cut and went to the store and bought the eggs and the bacon. Well in Coastal there are some things you can do each day that are like several mini shortcuts. Tomorrow Mr. Jackie O’Quinn, is going to teach you how to take some massive short cuts to big profits with Coastal. So don’t miss this.

Mark your calendar for 9:30 am Eastern time, use the conference line 206-402-0100 pin# 607556#. Make certain your team members saw this email, you would hate for them to miss out on this.


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Great News, 6 Figure call cancelled because…

Tonight it’s important for you to know that Coastal leaders around the world have set their schedule to not miss this Dani Johnson webinar.

"Because of Dani’s training I made 3 Premiere sales in my first month." John in PA

"Using the system and Dani’s training I earned $50,000 in my first 100 days." Shawn in CA

"Because of Dani and her training I earned $19,410 (two Platinum sales) in one month." Stephen in LA

Because of the results that so many have achieved using Mrs. Dani Johnson’s training. Many Coastal leaders and members will be listening in LIVE to Dani on the Smarter Networker webinar. If you are not registered for this webinar yet, then don’t put your business results at risk or be left out. Get registered right away >>

Tonight there will be a Live Interactive Call at 8 pm. However the Six Figure Income Club call will be cancelled at 10 pm. Simply because most leaders know how rare it is to have Dani do a live webinar. Join Mrs. Johnson, on the webinar tonight by getting registered  here >> Next week the Six Figure Income Club call will be back on schedule.


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Announcements THIS WEEK

There are going to be 3 big announcements in this email so make sure you have a calendar handy as you read what’s happening this week.

First Announcement: Tonights New Associate call is going to be a golden call from the Dani Johnson archive. In this call you will learn exactly how Dani started all of her new people. What did she say to them? What did she teach them? You will find out tonight at 10 pm Eastern Time on the New Associate Call. Call in number is 206-402-0100 pin 607556#.

Second Announcement: The Six Figure Income Club has been cancelled for this coming Thursday night. Our Six Figure Income Club host Mr. Stacy O’Quinn, insisted that he would be watching Mrs. Dani Johnson’s live webinar. You can get registered here >> and he is encouraging all of his team members and anyone else in DFI to join him and other DFI leaders as they watch, take notes, and learn from legendary home business expert Mrs. Dani Johnson. If you haven’t gotten an email from Smarter Networker about this webinar already you can register right now by clicking here >>

Third Announcement: This one, is one  to remember! So mark your calendar for this Saturday at 9:30 am Eastern Time. There is going to be a Super Saturday training. This training will last at least an hour. The sole focus of this training is to show you how to manage your business more effectively so you are literally able to make more money faster while taking up less of your time. If you are brand new this call could literally help you grow your income exponentially DO NOT MISS THIS. This Saturday at 9:30 am Eastern time, call in on 206-402-0100 pin# 607556#.

It’s going to be a packed week, all focused on helping you increase your skills and reach your goals as fast as possible!

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