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There are Leaders and then there are LEADERS. Part 1

Leaders build big success and create a great income story that is truly inspirational. LEADERS, build large income stories for themselves and go on to have many of their own teams to build large income stories. LEADERS, have consistently growing, team compounding incomes year after year. Want to know their secret?

Let’s take Dianne in ON, she got started with her Coastal business and in her first year when from 0 to $250,000 but it didn’t stop there. You see a lot of leaders can hit a quarter of a million dollars but the next year is actually smaller. It’s the truth want to know why? Because the first year is build on mostly their own production. The second year is when you see a lot of team production but you still have a young team everyone is in for less than a year. However, Dianne, applied a unique system that allowed her to earn a quarter of a million dollars again even in her second year. In fact could have exceeded even that in her third year had she NOT had a traumatic accident that nearly costs her life and took her months to recover. But even while in the hospital incapacitated and unresponsive her team members brought in over $30,000 in Coastal package sales to her business. All of this thanks to the unique system that Dianne uses.

This unique system is a training system is an intensive training system that Dianne strongly encourages her team members to use. Now Dianne, make no income directly through recommending this system. She only grows her income after this training system has equipped her team members and they start having success and the training sales start pouring in as a result of new team members getting to most complete and through training available in the home business industry.

Do you want to meet Dianne directly yourself in person. Well we at support can pretty safely bet she will be found at the exact same training event in Feb. most likely where many of her newest team members who are extremely hungry for home business success. Get more details on this training system here >> http://www.danijohnson.com/see/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

Get registered for the event. Even if you are not working directly with Dianne you can learn the skills to start producing some of the same results. Once you get registered send an email right away to DFIFeedback@gmail.com.

One thing is for certain LEADERS act first.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this email series.

mydfilive.com support team

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YOU Do Not Want to Be Left OUT!

Is your name on the list below if not then send an email right away to DFIFeedback@gmail.com.

Tomorrow night before the Product Training call will be a First Steps to Success Prep call. Don’t miss it, mark youe calendar for 9:30 pm Eastern Time. Conference call line 206-402-0100 pin:607556#

Coastal Directors agree:

"There is no faster way to help your team to succeed than to strongly encourage them to go to the absolute best home business training available at First Steps to Success".

Once you are registered add your name to the list of Coastal Directors who are going to be creating massive momentum and huge paychecks after the next event.

1. Jackie Thomas
2. Cristina Scott
3. Dianne McGuigan
4. Xiomara Garcia
5. Michelle Mast
6. Jackie O’Quinn
7. Stacy O’Quinn
8. Tyler Enzlin
9. Jenny Enzlin
10. Margaret Morency
11. Joanie Snaith
12. Ryan Maddings
13. Brook Maddings
14. Belinda Peirce
15. Shirley Linn
16. Martin Gonzalez
17. Andrea DeRego
18. Gary Mach
19. Jane Mach
20. Shane Houston
21. Cathy Kier
22. Candice Kinnamon
23. Margaret Morency
24. Susan Felarca

To get your name on the list by sending an email to DFIFeedback@gmail.com and tell your leadership you are registered.

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War on Debt Training Tonight!

Could you imagine being 100% DEBT FREE including your mortgage?

What if you owed nobody one single cent?

No mortgage payments, no student loan payments, no car payments, now credit card payments, nothing at all zip, zilch, nada! What would that feel like?

Tonight you are going to learn strategies that will help you become 100% debt free extremely quickly. Oh and it doesn’t require you to have to make a ton of money either (sure that could speed it up). These strategies will work even if you don’t make one extra dime than you are already make right now.

Tonight’s conference call training is all about helping you get out of debt! There will be absolutely  no discussion about business techniques, this is all about just getting you out of debt. If you know someone else that is looking to relieve the burden of debt, feel free to invite them to listen in. Again tonight’s call will have nothing to do with building a Coastal income.

Don’t miss it. It starts at 9:30 pm Eastern Time.
Call in: 206-402-01074 pin: 607556#

mydfilive.com Support Team