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Coastal Travel, The Passive Income

Tonight on the New Associate Training call Mr. Jackie O’Quinn will be discussing the leverage of a Coastal Travel business. You are not going to want to miss this! If you have ever dreamed of a passive income of thousands of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars in income on a given month.

How do you achieve that? Don’t miss the New Associate call tonight at 10 pm Eastern Time.

To your success,
DFI Support Team

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Look at what others have to say…

It’s not hard to see which leaders are leading the most successful teams in DFI. All you have to do is look at how many of their team members are graduates of First Steps to Success.

This is what Dianne from ON (Dianne McGuigan) said:

"I attended FSTS right away in the beginning and launched my business coming out of FSTS. I used strategies I learned from Dani with our system. I was able to make 3 Platinum Sales in 30 days of FSTS!!"

This is what Jenny in CO (Jenny Copeland) said:

(before First Steps).. "I wasn’t 100% committed.  I hadn’t even purchased a package.  I was struggling in the same debt without a way out.  My husband was working 60 to 90 hours a week and we never saw each other."

(after First Steps) … "I made the decision to get started and purchased my package.  I stuck with it and have made this a career.  Now I’m on track to make 6 figures and that never work have happened working for someone else. We’ve paid off the debt we were in.  My husband now works 40 hours a week and we have our relationship back. I saw my training sales upgrade to Platinum.  I made several changes in my work ethic and became more productive.  I was selling travel packages and making a profit.  I’ve been grooming my kids to be successful."

Stacy, First Steps to Success in selling out! Get registered right away and join your team in Long Beach >>

If you are attending First Steps to Success in Long Beach CA and you have not already sent an email to please go ahead and do that now.

When you go to this First Steps to Success you will meet the following leaders and team members.

1. Lorna Kilburn
2. Renee Triesler
3. Will Triesler
4. Perla Vasquez
5. Jackie O’Quinn
6. Carolina Gomez
7. Shane Houston
8. Anthony Snaith
9. Antony Ngere
10. Michelle Mast
11. Kimberly Lumsden
12. Stacy O’Quinn
13. Mary Smith/McKenzie
14. Gary Mach
15. Jane Mach
16. Belinda Pierce
17. Get registered before the event sales out >> then send an email right away to

New members often ask will Dani Johnson’s First Steps to Success really help my Coastal Travel business. If you have went to First Steps in the past, and you want to be featured in an upcoming email. Complete this short 9 questions survey?

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To your success,
DFI Support Team

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Email sent from a Dani Johonson Staff Member

The purpose of this email is two-fold. First, I have a very important announcement for you: the price for First Steps To Success increases by $50 this Tuesday, August 12th at 2 PM Central Time. Tickets are selling at record speed, so don’t wait to reserve your spot!

The second purpose of this email is to address a few things I’ve heard. And, I just couldn’t keep quiet any longer. Among the really interesting comments I’ve received, there have been a LOT of common misconceptions about First Steps To Success… so I think it’s about time to clear the air.

Misconception #1: Dani pockets the money

While other self-proclaimed business and finance experts are busy making a fortune off of their ticket sales, Dani is busy helping you and others succeed. That’s why Dani Johnsonvolunteers her time at First Steps and why 10% of the gross income generated from First Steps and EVERY YEAR goes directly to the  Kings Ransom Foundation: a non-profit organization dedicated to feeding the hungry, rescuing victims of sex trafficking and providing for the elderly.

Misconception #2: It costs a small fortune

Other "gurus" will charge you over $2,000 per ticket, but you can score a Platinum package (the "top-of-the-line," best-in-the-house" event pass) with a built-in savings of $100! Plus, we offer steeply discounted prices for your spouse or child’s ticket! We are aware travel can get costly, so the team negotiated a deal to save you even more money on your trip. Reserve your room at The Westin for First Steps in Long Beach, CA and save over $200 just by mentioning!

Misconception #3: Fake stories

All of the testimonies we post on our website and share with you, are 100% true. We promise to NEVER pay an actor to get a fake story. We share testimonies with you to encourage and to show you, no matter where you are financially, emotionally or physically, there is always room for improvement and there is no situation impossible to change!

Misconception #4: Bunch of hype

Many of you have attended seminars in the past. You were promised a life-changing experience, but what you really got was just a temporary boost in confidence or a few warm fuzzy moments. Dani gives you easy-to-implement techniques you can begin to apply immediately in your life and career. For over two decades, Dani has been teaching these same skill sets, proving it’s not some fad or short-lived hype.

Misconception #5: There will always be another one

This is probably the BIGGEST misconception of all… Most people will think they can wait around for the next First Steps… That one day Dani will come to their city. But the reality is, Dani was retired for four years… from 1999 to 2003. It’s nothing short of a miracle that she came out of retirement. And as a proud grandmother, who knows how much longer she’ll continue this amazing pace when she could just be having fun with her beautiful grandbabies!

I just want you to be sure a year from now, when someone comes to you and tells you about First Steps To Success, you will be able to say "I already attended and it has transformed my life." Then you’ll know – without a doubt – you made the best decision, based on accurate information, instead of misconceptions.

It’s an honor to serve you,
Aubrey Cavazos

P.S. In case you were still going to "wait and think about it"… here’s a couple of things to consider…

  • The ticket price goes up THIS Tuesday.
  • The event is already over halfway sold-out.
  • The steeply-discounted hotel rooms are almost gone.

P.P.S. We have clients all over the world… and since 350 million people across the globe speak Spanish, we now offer Spanish translation completely free of charge at First Steps! To get registered for Spanish translation, contact our helpful Client Service Department by calling 866-760-8255.