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6 Figure Call Tonight

The Six Figure Income Club call takes place this evening. The focus of this call is helping people make six figures there very first year marketing the Coastal Travel packages.

Tonight you will learn about the power of a Dialathon and get all the details about how to log into the DFI Team Virtual Office. Join this special training tonight at 10 pm EST. Conference call number is 206-402-0100 pin# 607556. Don’t miss it!

To your success,
DFI Support Team


Video from Snap Response

Start July Off With A Bang!
This monster lead special is designed to make your jaw drop! click here for details!

 Video from Snap Response

Get Over 100 Leads for $399!
Yup, we are BREAKING the rules…
…and practically GIVING away leads to help you succeed this month.
Best Regards,
David McMenomey
PS- This will not be open for long, watch it here.

How Does the Bonus Pool Work?

These are some commonly asked questions about the Bonus Pool taking place the entire month of July.

What is the Bonus Pool?

The Bonus Pool is a pool of bonus money provided by Cutting Edge Media your website and marketing system support company. Cutting Edge Media, is putting up $3,000 as a way of saying thank to the team members and leaders of DFI who continue to use our web system.

How Do I Earn A Share Of The Bonus Pool?

All you have to do is bring on board 3 brand new team members who use the mydfilive.com web system and you will earn 1 share of the Bonus Pool.

Can I Earn More Than 1 Share Of The Bonus Pool?

Yes you can earn as many shares as you want. If you bring on 6 new DFI members using the mydfilive.com web system then you will earn 2 shares. If you bring on 9 members then you will earn 3 shares. If you bring on 12 members then you will earn 4 shares.

How Much Is Each Share Worth?

The value of each share is determined by the total number of shares earned on the team divided into $3,000. For example if 10 shares are earned, then 10 divided into $3,000 would give each share a value of $300.00. If 18 shares were earned team wide then 18 divided into $3,000 equals $166.66. So the value of each share would be $166.66.

How do I see how many share I have earned?

After the 8th of July you can log into your backoffice. Scroll over Powertools tab, scroll down to Affiliate Program. Click on Affiliate Program, on that page toward the top you want to click on Leaderboard. The monthly Leaderboard will show your name after 8th of July once you have at least 3 brand new team members using the mydfilive.com web system.

Is There a Bonus Pool Every Month?

Nope, this is the first time this year Cutting Edge Media has done this.

Have a great July,
DFI Support Team