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A message for you if you want to be part of the Exec. Mentor Group

You’ve probably heard about the Executive Mentor Group with Mr. Stacy O’Quinn.  Below is a message from him regarding the Exec. Mentor Group as well as more letters from those there have already experienced that group.

A few people will choose to go after their own success and results via the Exec. Mentor Group that is starting soon.  You maybe one of them, if so this message is for you.  (This video Stacy  made a mistake they made $439K in 25 weeks not 239K he stated)


Here is an email from Toni Cloud

Dear Mr Oquinn,


Words cannot even express my gratitude to you for leading the Executive Mentor Group. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to teach us specific skills that you have learned over the years to becoming a 6-figure income earner.  Using the strategic skills you taught us, I was able to earn more in the first few months of this year working very part-time in DFI, than I did working an entire year working full-time in my accounting job!


Thank you most of all for always believing in me and encouraging me!

I cannot believe you are opening up this opportunity again and this time to the entire DFI team!  Dani Johnson teaches us to find someone who has what you want and do what they do.  The team would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the best and you are doing it for free?!–thats just crazy!!

You are truly Blessed to be a Blessing!

Toni Cloud

From Hilary Snyder

Dear Stacy,
I wanted to write you a short note to let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your Executive Mentor Group.
I’ve been with the Coastal for 7 years and by applying what you’ve taught, your mentoring has helped me fine tune my skills.
My hours went down and my income went up.  I’ve been able to give away thousands to organizations close to my heart.  With the ability to work from anywhere, I’ve been able to spend as much as 2 weeks out of the month with my daughter and grandson who live about 2 hours away from me.
Being a part of the Executive Mentor Group has helped me grow as a business owner and leader within Coastal.
I’m forever grateful,
Hilary Snyder

One More from Mintra Lewis

Stacy……hope you get this in time…I had it down in my notes we had a few days to get this to you.

Anyway see below….

Thank you for taking the time to form the Executive Member Group and allowing me to be a part of it. I so appreciate you taking the time to  teach the principles and share your expertise that has made you so  successful  in this business.

Through this group and your mentoring I have learned what it takes to be successful  in this business. This would include accountability…not only to myself but to others. You taught me that no matter where you are in the business you can never stop doing the basics…..at the top of the list Dialing. You have also taught me that this business can be done “part time”  with a  “FULL- TIME  EFFORT”……. Through the group I came to realize that we all struggle in similar ways and that we have to overcome our fears daily. The group was very supportive to those needs. Finally….this group made me feel and realize that I am part of a tremendous team of professionals…..Thank you again for ALL that you have done for me and this group!!!!    


Mintra Lewis

Mintra Lewis, Hilary Snyder and Toni Cloud have all apparently done very well.  Congrats ladies and anyone working with you is clearly blessed by all you’ve learned.

To Your Success,
DFI Support TEAM


P.S. Remember more details will emerge from the next 6 figure call on Thursday night at 10PM


The Executive Mentor Group… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?

Dani Johnson famously said, “Documentation beats conversation”.  You may have heard something through the grapevine about the Executive Mentor group.  You possibly learned some basic details on one of the DFI Calls or maybe your Director told you about it.  But the facts are what they are.  The results that have been created are crazy.  Below are a few emails received by some of the folks that experienced this opportunity. 

Don’t forget the Launch call for the next Executive Mentor Group will be August 20th.  In the mean time this Thursday on the 6 Figure Income call with Mr. Stacy O’Quinn himself you will hear more about what is coming up.  Read each story carefully.  See if your director or someone you know submitted an email and what were their results?

Read First One:

Dear Stacy,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all that you have taught me thru the course of this mentorship group.  First I want to mention how grateful I am that you were willing to teach and train me.  I can’t tell you how many years my husband and I actively hunted for someone who would take us under his wing and teach us how to be successful.  You have been an absolute answer to prayer!!!!  Second, the vast majority of the sales we have made, have occurred since we began with this group.  I KNOW that it was a direct result of the specific, targeted teaching and training you gave.  "Thank you" seems too small a response for the profound changes and successes that have occured in our business and in our personal lives.


Merry Lynn and Steve

Read Second One:

Dear Mr. O’quinn,

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Executive Mentor Group and taking time out of your busy schedule to teach us how to become 6-figure income earners and professionals working part time from home. Using one tip from your training I was able to make $18,000 profit in the first 30 days. I have made more money in the first 6 months of this year than I made all of last year and I am able to help more people and work more efficiently. Using your strategic training, I know see that this business is not a lottery ticket, but a path to success for myself and generations to come. Without the Executive Mentor Group I would have given up when things were tough this year for me and my family. You gave me the accountability and vision to push through and enjoy what I do. I cannot thank you enough.

Thank you for all you do. It is truly an honor to be in business with you!

cleardot The Executive Mentor Group… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?

Mindy Sartin

Read Third One:

Hi Stacy,

Wow wow wow!!!   This was an absolutely incredible training that you have guided us through.  I couldn’t have possibly imagined that this executive mentor group would have had the impact that it did ~ on my business, and on my life.  Through the strategies you have taught us, I have seen CONSISTENT growth in my business.   I now have team members who are focused on becoming leaders for their team.  My personal life has been impacted beyond words.  I have realized how much my family believes in me and supports me.  

Thank your for keeping me accountable, thank you for the strategies and guidance you presented, thank you for believing in me and encouraging me…thank you for pushing my limits…thank you for your hand in my success, and my team’s success.  You promised that you would change lives  ~ and you delivered on that promise, beyond what I could have EVER imaged.


Trish Roberts
Platinum Sales Director

Read Fourth One:


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the Executive Mentor Group. I know that your time was voluntary – you were not paid for what  you did – but you could have been. All that you taught me and exampled for me has changed my business and my life in ways I didn’t know were possible before being part of this group.

As I applied the training that you taught, I generated $52,610 in 25 weeks! I have become for confident, consistent, and committed as a result of being part of this group. I have learned to work more efficiently, which has given me more time for my family and more time and money to enjoy life and reduce money-related stress issues. I have started taking vacations again with my family, and in turn, been able to help others more.

Because of your leadership, all this has become possible, a reality for me. Thank you very much. If anyone has the opportunity arise to be able to work with you directly in such a setting, I sincerely hope for their sake that they see the value in it and jump to take advantage of it.

Heather LeFoll

It is hard but empowering to exchange fear for faith.

Read the Fifth One:

Dear Mr. O’Quinn:

Thank you so much for the tremendous commitment you made in pioneering the Executive Mentor Group.  Over the past 26 weeks the skills and strategies I have learned have empowered me to work my business at a highly professional level, on a truly part-time basis, as well as to help lead my team members to achieve the success they desire.  While I can only imagine the sacrifices of time away from your personal business this program required, you are a leader who is more motivated by leading others to success than reaching your own.  Anyone working with you should know how fortunate they are.


Andrea DeRego

Read the Sixth One:

Good morning Stacy,

Thank you so much for the Executive Mentor Group!  I have been telling everyone what an amazing experience this has been.  You have taken so much time in this higher level of training and I appreciate it and know that it has made massive changes in my business.  The biggest and most important change it has made has been in my posture.  I have to say that has been my biggest obstacle while interviewing and taking prospects through our system.  But you made huge differences in my accountability and consistency in working.  It’s hard to make that hallway commute and many time I considered giving up but  as we both carried our 50 bricks, you have taught me to fish!  I have had so much fun working this business part time and making a full time income it has improved everything with my family as well.  We have been able to financially do things that weren’t possible.  The strategies you have taught me were far beyond what I already saw.  You were able to teach on things that hadn’t crossed my mind.  I have learned how to work with new members in the best possible way to see them succeed as well.  Thank you for making such a difference in so many lives!

cleardot The Executive Mentor Group… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?

Jenny Copeland

Read the Seventh One:

Dear Stacy

I just wanted to drop you a note of SINCERE Thanks for the Executive Mentorship Group that you had vision for and stepped out to organize, facilitate and lead.

It truly has been an amazing experience!  The most rewarding aspect for me was to see my fellow Associates rise up to the challenge and have success stories of their own.  It truly brought duplication throughout the entire team with everyone enjoying the fruits of their labor.  It has not been easy, it’s been a challenge and it has brought us up to a higher level.

It has been exciting to PROVE that our system absolutely works, hands down!!!!  No one, not anyone, can ever try and tell me that our system doesn’t work.  If you are diligent, consistent and do the work,  you will have results!  500 dials=success!!!!

I appreciate all the personal time and effort you put in to the entire group!!!!  May God bless you 100 Fold for all that you have done to impact the lives of everyone on the team …..and those watching from the sidelines.  Those watching now have the chance to step up too!  This is an exciting time for our Team!


Dianne  Mc Guigan

Read the Eighth One:

Hi Stacy
Just wanted to take the time to thank you personally for letting me be part of the Executive Mentor Group. Being in this group has helped me a lot in my business. It has shown me that I can stay constant in doing 500 dials or more per week. Even in the times were life was falling apart around me, it made me stay on track.  It has helped me tremendously with my team and helping me to understand the struggles that they maybe going threw and to help them over come those struggles, and this group has also shown me that I can inspire other people. That what I post on Facebook or any social media site that people are looking at what I am doing, and seeing how constant I am with my business. I have had people that I am not friends with on facebook come up to me and say they are watching what I am doing and are interested in what I do. This group has also helped me increase my income as well. You are truly and inspiration to the team Stacy and thank you for your leadership and taking the time out of your busy schedule to help mentor me, someone who is NOT even on your own team!

cleardot The Executive Mentor Group… WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?

Dorothy Graham 

Read the Ninth One:

Prior to the Executive Mentor Group, I was struggling to apply key concepts I continued to hear.
I did not know what I did not know.  Sometimes, not even knowing what questions to ask.
After being accepting into the group, my life started to change immediately.  Working like a professional, I applied nugget after nugget.  I refocused my vision. It was building a chain, one link at a time.  The next step would link two pieces together for a readiness process.  The focus increased each step, week after week.

Thank you, Mr. O’Quinn for the training and knowledge you put forth in the Executive Mentor Group.
You honor and integrity is unheard of in the industry, must less in an industry.

The experience has positioned my family for a future I could only imagine.  There was a mindset change from impossible to possible.  By creating a synergy of liked mined individuals, you were able to guide and direct us to our next levels of success.  My families future will never be the same.
To your continued success!!

Gary J. Mach

Thanks to everyone who allowed their email to be used and took the time to not only thank Mr. O’Quinn but also show a glimpse of your experience through this once in a life time opportunity.

To Your Success
DFI Support Team


P.S. Remember you can hear more about the next Executive Mentor Group during this weeks 6 Figure Income call Thursday night.  Also mark your calendar for the Launch call on August 20th.

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