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Dynasty Details

This weekend is Dani Johnson’s Creating A Dynasty Seminar. This is her advanced leadership training seminar taking place Friday through Sunday. A couple of things to note.

First, just like at First Step to Success we will be having a team meeting in the hotel lobby at 9 pm Central time.

Also bring your red ribbons, just like at First Steps

Don’t forget to bring your DFI Tshirt from First Steps. Saturday is dress your opposite Gem day and everyone is going to be with their DFI Shirts. Should be interesting and fun all at the same time.

Have fun, learn lots,

DFI Support Team


Did You See What Jeff Usner is Doing for You?

Last week in a series of emails that we sent out, we told you how you could hire a millionaire at a real bargain. His name is Jeff Usner, and he is the owner of www.SnapResponse.com.

We also took of glimpse of his character by looking at what some of his customers have said and the episode of Secret Millionaire that he was featured on >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVKCc_UJzeE

In this email we are going to show you how Mr. Jeff Usner, has agreed to help your business at his own expense keep reading…

Over the past several years two things have become obvious. Mr. Jeff Usner, who is also one of Dani Johnson’s student believes whole heartedly in what she teaches. Not only has it changed his life but he has sent nearly every employee that he hires though her training. He also has a tremendous respect for our DFI team. Not just because we are clients but because we are the "real deal" in the home business world. We raise up real leadership, and it’s a leadership that is solid and often gives back. Mr. Usner, believes in that so strongly this is what he has decided to do for you.

Any member of DFI that brings 5 brand new team members to First Steps to Success in January will get $500.00 in advertising from www.SnapResponse.com and any member that brings 10 brand new team members he will give them $1,200 in advertising from www.SnapResponse.com.

So basically he makes no money by you sending your team members to First Steps to Success. One could argue that it benefits DaniJohnson.com, that it of course benefits the person attending, and of course by your  new member getting that level of training it will eventually benefit you. Yet this will only costs him and his company money, with very little chance that it will actually do anything positive for his business. By the way this applies to you, even if you have never been to a First Steps to Success before. Take 5 or 10 brand new people with you to your first event in January, and you would walk out with free advertising!

To your success,
DFI Support Team

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How to Hire a Millionaire (Part 2)

Last Friday, we discussed which Millionaire to hire, Mr. Jeff Usner. We gave you a video clip of his appearance on ABC’s TV Show "Secret Millionaire". If you missed it you can watch it again here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVKCc_UJzeE

Mr. Usner is the owner of www.SnapResponse.com, and every time you place and order over there. You are making this Millionaire and his staff go to work on your behalf.

In this email we want to look at what other people are actually saying about Mr. Usner and his services. Below we have some videos and reports from some of his clients.

This is what Alan Holcomb said:

This is what Sarah Motlong said:

This is what Stacy O’Quinn said:

Now let’s look what his business clients are saying over at www.SnapResponse.com:

Heather LeFoll:
"I have switched my advertising 100% to Snap Response, thanks to the amazing results I have been having. In one week, I generated $15,000 profit from this advertising! Whatever you are doing, keep it up. The results have been worth coming back for icon smile How to Hire a Millionaire (Part 2) "

Jessica Wendelboe:
“I generated $23,610 profits in the 8 weeks time with your leads.
Thank you SnapResponse for providing high quality leads!”

You can read and hear more audios at www.SnapResponse.com

In the next email, we are going to discuss several things that most people don’t know about, Mr. Jeff Usner.

Have a fantastic day,

DFI Support Team

P.S. This next email may be considered devisive and controversial but we are sending it out anyway. Be on the look out for it.