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Don’t Miss the DFI Discount!

There is an EXCLUSIVE savings for First Steps to Success. If you have even considered going then you need to know this. Coastal Travel, has a secret man on the inside his name is John Sartin. Mr. Sartin, works for DaniJohnson.com and is providing unadvertised savings to those "in the know". If you want to find out how much money you can save give Mr. Sartin a call immediately at 1-866-760-8255 ext.144. Let him know you want the DFI Discount

The main Ballroom where Dani is going to be speaking is over half sold out already! Give John Sartin, a call as soon as possible.

Everything is shaping up to give you all the help you are going to need to create an EXPLOSIVE 2014. You need to be building your Coastal Travel business like never before so that you can maximize your momentum.

Don’t Forget:

- The person who refers 5 brand new team member to First Steps to Success in January will earn a f.ree Fast Track seating in the front of the room.

- The top 5 people with the most brand new members to First Steps to Success will be invited to an VIP luncheon with Mrs. Dani Johnson.

- If you bring 5 brand new team member to First Steps to Success, Mr. Jeff Usner is going to give away $500 in free advertising from SnapResponse.com

- If you bring 10 brand new team members to First Steps to Success, Mr. Jeff usner is giving away $1200 in fr.ee advertising from SnapResponse.com

Bottom line, don’t get left behind call Mr. Sartin, at 1-866-760-8255 ext. 144 he is tracking all of your team members as well so you can the appropriate credit for the promotions above. Never before has so much been given away for you doing what you are already doing… building your business!

Call John,
DFI Support Team


Website Updates Coming

When it comes to marketing Coastal Travel packages according to Board of Director member Al Romine. The mydfilive.com marketing system may be the most successful marketing system for Coastal Travel when you consider most of the top members ordering travel packages are using the mydfilive.com web system.

Now the mydfilive.com marketing system is about to be improved. Top marketing professionals say that long sales letters like "Stacy’s letter" may be falling out of favor. Mr. Stacy O’Quinn, has formally and politely requested for a couple of years to be taken out of "Stacy’s Letter" or to have it replaced. He never actually wrote Stacy’s letter on the website he simply allowed a professional copywriter to borrow his name and his story to create a fact based story that explains Coastal. Instead of replacing the letter it has been decided to simply remove it.

The first part of next week Stacy’s Letter will be removed from your mydfilive.com Marketing Site. This will allow your potential clients and prospects to review through the website and information more efficiently and save you time. The video on the front of the site will remain for now, although strategic enhancements are being considered if they will help you generate income faster marketing the Coastal Travel packages.

To your continued success,
DFI Support Team

Dynasty Details

This weekend is Dani Johnson’s Creating A Dynasty Seminar. This is her advanced leadership training seminar taking place Friday through Sunday. A couple of things to note.

First, just like at First Step to Success we will be having a team meeting in the hotel lobby at 9 pm Central time.

Also bring your red ribbons, just like at First Steps

Don’t forget to bring your DFI Tshirt from First Steps. Saturday is dress your opposite Gem day and everyone is going to be with their DFI Shirts. Should be interesting and fun all at the same time.

Have fun, learn lots,

DFI Support Team