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DFI is Doing it Again!

As you may know if you have been on the Live Interactive Calls, a few months ago DFI as a team raised over $60,000 to help build an orphanage in Belize. Well DFI, is doing it again! As a group DFI, is focusing on stopping Human Trafficking. Join DFI on this mission, get more info here >> http://www.grouprev.com/decidefreedom.

Let’s Stop Human Trafficking,

mydfilive.com Support Team

P.S. 100,000 people each year in the US alone are sold into human trafficking, most of them are kids.

Are You Going to First Steps to Success?

Are you looking for explosive results in your Coastal Travel business? Are you ready to start making money quicker? Do you want to prove to everyone how great your Coastal Travel business is? You know they say the best way to answer your critics is with success. If you want to increase your odds of success then you need to click here >> http://www.danijohnson.com/events/home-business-entrepreneur-workshop/

Read everything on that site and then get your self registered for First Steps to Success in Anaheim CA. Join those listed below that have committed and said they will be there.

1. Jackie O’Quinn
2. Kim Boyd
3. Donna Baerg
4. Margot Henderson
5. Thomas Ott
6. Jane Mach
7. Gary Mach
8. Stacy O’Quinn
9. Janine Price
10. Asif Price
11. John Sartin
12. Mindy Sartin
13. Jon Wells
14. Alex Fanjul
15. Renee Triesler
16. Will Triesler
17. Alexis Murine
18. Laura Van Zandt
19. Joanie Snaith
20. Carmita Magee
21. Daniel King
22. Dianne Mc Guigan
23. Shane Houston
24. Danielle Houston
25. Nicole Houston
26. Jon Wells
27. Kathy Wells
28. Andrea DeRego
29. Derek Ott
30.  Veronika Ott
31. Cathy Ott
32.  Mark French
33.  Sandra French
34. Joshua French
35. Colin Chisek
36. Steve Shepherd
37. Merry Lynn Shepherd
38. Sarah Shepherd
39. Kara Shepherd
40. Mintra Lewis
41. Patti Reiersgaard
42. Martin Anim-Danso Sr.
43. Christine Scott
44. Ryan Van Leeuwen
45. Myra Hill
46. Guadalupe Dominguez
47. Chad Ketcher
48. Janine Price
49. Asif Price
50. John Sartin
51. Mindy Sartin

Once you get registered for First Steps to Success be sure to send an email with your name to DFIFeedback@gmail.com.

To Your Success,
mydfilive.com Support Team