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Are You Going To First Steps

Are you looking for explosive results in your Coastal Travel business? Are you ready to start making money quicker? Do you want to prove to everyone how great your Coastal Travel business is? You know they say the best way to answer your critics is with success. If you want to increase your odds of success then you need to click here >>

Read everything on that site and then get your self registered for First Steps to Success in Anaheim CA. Join those listed below that have committed and said they will be there.

1. Jackie O’Quinn
2. Kim Boyd
3. Donna Baerg
4. Margot Henderson
5. Thomas Ott
6. Jane Mach
7. Gary Mach
8. Lulu Van Zandt
9. Joanie Snaith
10. Carmita Magee

Once you get registered for First Steps to Success be sure to send an email with your name to

To Your Success, Support Team


Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Month


APRIL: HERO OF THE MONTH by Michelle Tascoe

Merry Lynn and Steven Shepherd: How Business, Marriage and Teamwork Creates Success

clip image0026 thumb Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Month

“Coastal was simple enough even we could do it.”

– Merry Lynn and Steve Shepherd

Merry Lynn and Steve Shepherd brought in $13,000 in the month of April and that means they have brought in over $35,000 since November. So the question is

…can you work a Coastal Travel business as a husband and wife team?


By the way, where else on the planet is that possible?

The Shepherds are such an example of teamwork as husband and wife and also how spouses can really be there for one another, support each other and wanting the very best that life could offer for one another.

Steve had been working for many years as a senior software engineer. Unfortunately, last January he was laid off from his job and joined the 11.7 million people that are unemployed at the moment. That spelled out is actually 11,659,000 unemployed persons for April of 2013. I mean I really want you to wrap your brain around this. If all the unemployed people in the United States gave you one dime, you would be more than a millionaire!

It is interesting, because on paper, Steve’s resume was great: 4-year college degree, 30 years of experience, and having attended MIT; but all things aside in his career, he always felt like a fish out of water. It is tough as the provider of your household; most times you don’t have a real choice except to keep a roof over your family’s head and make sure they have food and the essentials. But here Steve had a choice. Instead of joining the population of people sending resumes into the black hole, hoping to get a call back, he joined his wife and started building their Coastal business as a team. Besides at the age of 59, it was highly unlikely that he would even have a chance. And together they hit the motherlode!

This interview was so inspiring I just had to share the dialog itself starting with Merry Lynn Shepherd:

Bringing my husband home was life changing! He was literally self-destructing and at one point so stressed out that we had to rush to the emergency room and the doctors advised that we stay a few more days so that my husband could be monitored. That turned into a week and I thought I was going to lose him!”

Steve shared candidly, “I loved the work at the time but the Corporate America system was crushing me! I was beyond miserable and every day felt like a square peg being pounded into a round hole.”

“Yes, we were in the hospital for a whole week because Steve was just not himself. The doctors said initially that it was due to stress but after more tests they discovered that he had cardiac heart failure and he was literally gasping for a air like a fish out of water. So when January came and my husband was given notice that he was going to be laid off, I was so relieved! He was finally released!!!”

“Now I have my husband back. We have FREEDOM! We have so much HOPE now for our future. And we now have the money and the time to actually take a vacation! We just got 4 days passes to Disney World and we are so excited to go and take our girls. Plus we paid off 6,700 in debt this week because he had a Platinum sale come through.”

Simply amazing!!!

clip image0046 thumb Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Month

The Shepherds at Disney World

So what did it really take for the Shepherds to even get their home business with Coastal Travel up a running?

Here is the list:

· Trying four failed attempts at network marketing businesses

· Discovering the lack of leadership and training in each of those companies

· Getting $239K in debt with a line of credit for a software company they tried starting up

· Realizing it was $11k to start at the Platinum level !?! Are you out of your tree!?!

· Hunting for resources and finding 5 credit cards to spread it over

· Learning how to really work like a professional around home schooling kids and day-to-day life

· Not re-inventing the wheel and following the training from DFI (Decide Freedom International)

· Attending advanced training with Dani Johnson called First Steps to Success

“Dani’s training works! It is the real deal.”

–Merry Lynn and Steve Shepherd

That was the road they travelled and today the Shepherds shared, “We now believe we can do this. It is possible to retire with our debt paid off. The dreams that we had once shelved 30 years ago, we are now seeing how they can be accomplished with this business.”

clip image0066 thumb Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Month

On the ride of their life

Despite any challenges and setbacks, where there is a will there, is a way. For the Shepherds, the way carved the path to the truth about how to succeed in a home business and the life that they knew was possible but felt unattainable.

On behalf of everyone in DFI, thank you Merry Lynn and Steve for all that you do and the example you are of how it’s done as a husband and wife team.


And just for fun………..

clip image0086 thumb Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Monthclip image0106 thumb Steve and Merry Lynn Shepperd, Hero of the Month

Before Coastal Travel After Coastal Travel

The next First Steps to Success will be in Anaheim, CA July 13, 14, and 15th.

Make sure you are there if you want to be considered for the next Hero of the Month and to meet other Heroes in DFI.

What Do You Need Before You Go To Dynasty?

Congratulations to each of you going to Creating  a Dynasty with Dani Johnson.  You are focused on your success that is why you have made this sacrifice and commitment.  This event has been the turning point for many in Coastal who went from making money to creating a 6 Figure Income and beyond.  The training you will get will show you exactly how you can not only create your own success but you can expand the success of those you work with.

A few things you need to know to get the most out of this weekend!

1.  Make sure you have a red ribbon just like we use at First Steps to Success

2.  Don’t forget your DFI Team T-Shirt if you need another one you can get them at the Pre Game Meeting for 15 dollars.

3.  We will have a Pre-Game Meeting giving specific strategies for this event and how it is different from First Steps Thursday night 9pm we will meet in the hotel lobby.

4.  Post Game and Dinner, we will meet Sunday Night outside of the Event Room 30 minutes after the close of the event.

5.  Don’t forget there is a wild and fun PJ Party make sure you bring your coolest and craziest PJ’s.


There is no question this is going to be a Fun, Strategic, Impactful and Powerful weekend.  We get to meet a determined few and the cream of the crop this weekend we will see you in PA!

To Your Success,
DFI Support Team

P.S. Don’t forget extra Pens and Notebooks.  But don’t bring to much in the event room there is a lot of moving around and group activities.  Much different than your First Steps Training.